All Season Care

- Do not use bleach, soap, or any other chemicals it deteriorates color and eventually kills the pump 

- Do not pressure wash fountain as it can fade the color away and possibly knock pieces over

- We recommend to clean fountain at least once a month

- Use soft sponge. Never brushes or scrapes

- Drain fountain completely during winter time (below 29 degrees)

- Use recommended cleaning solutions such as FounTec and ProTec (Available in our Retail store)

Fleur de Lis can not be responsible for any damage due to weather conditions. Please protect your purchases from the weather as detailed below.

All of our cast stone items are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, however, as with any concrete item it should be protected from ice. Do not allow ice to form in any area where water may collect. Bird bath tops, fountain bowls and shells should be drained to avoid cracking or other damage. Planters and urns are safe to leave out as long as they are draining properly, and are not standing in ice. Also, during warm weather do not fill hot "sun heated" bird baths or fountains with cold water, as it may crack them.