About Us

Fleur de Lis Garden Ornaments LLC born on April 2009 in the garage of Miguel Hndz, the former production Manager of Lucca Statuary. Miguel with the help of his two sons Angel and Bryan started producing and selling their Garden statues at the Seattle farmers markets on his days off during the time he was working with Lucca.

On January 31st 2010 Lucca Statuary closed it’s doors for good, two months after Lucca closed on April 1st 2010 Miguel decided to keep the spirit of Lucca alive by opening a retail store on the former site of Lucca Statuary. Fleur de Lis Garden Ornaments LLC became a landmark in Fremont, the heart of Seattle.

In 2015 Bryan the sales Manager and son of the owner of Fleur de Lis  started noticing that people were shopping online for almost about everything including garden decor like statues.

Foot traffic at the retail store started getting very slow, Bryan called for a meeting in regards of how we can improve our sales. Fleur de Lis decided to start selling its product on online shops such as Our Own online Store, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza and eBay.

The demand of online shopping for statues has grown since then so in 2018 Fleur de Lis moved to the city of Olympia WA to a new bigger warehouse to produce, manufacture and ship our own product nationwide, Canada, Europe and Japan.